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GO-205-II - CNC Swiss Type Turning Lathe

Product Description

With separate back tool post, and back spindle cross traveling (X2, Z2), tooling at back spindle side (S2) can be performed at the same time while tooling at main spindle side is under way, without need to wait for each other, reducing cycle time greatly.

Product Feature

  • Exactly simultaneous tooling at main spindle side and back spindle side
  • 21-tool capacity
  • Built-in main and back spindle motors increases tooling accuracy
  • Higher precision
  • Reduced tooling idle time
  • Friendly, easy operation

Product Specification

Machining capacity
Bar stock diameter (mm) 3-20
Max. work chucking diameter at back spindle side (mm) 20
Max. machining length Direct motor - driven guide bushing (mm) 170
Mechanical - drive guide bushing (mm) 80
Fixed guide bushing (mm) 210
Guide bushing-less (mm) 45
Machine capacity
Speed Main spindle (min-1) 200-10000
Back spindle (min-1) 200-12000
Cross tool spindle (min-1) 200-5000
Back tool spindle (min-1) 5000
Tool numbers: 21 OD turn tool (left) 2
OD turn tool (right) 3
Face fixed ID tool 4
Back fixed ID tool 4
Cross live tool 4
Back lide tool 2
Tool size
OD turn tool shank (mm) 12x12x85
Boring tool shank (for face/back, back tool post) (mm) 20
Chuck for cross live tools ER11x2/ER16x2
Chuck for back live tools ER11x2 
Controlled axes 5 (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2)
Main spindle motor (kW) 2.2/3.7
Back spindle motor (kW) 1.5/2.2
Cross tool spindle motor (kW) 0.75
Back tool spindle motor (kW) 0.5