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G-206 - CNC Swiss Type Turning Lathe

Product Description

All needs of the times are included and integrated into one machine. Multi-functional, low cost / performance ratio. Best choice for batch or mass production of various complicated parts.

Product Feature

  • Independent and simultaneous machining of main spindle side / back spindle side.
  • Modular tooling: free arrangement of different tool spindles, ID tool holders and OD turning tool holders according to tooling requirements of the parts to be produced.
  • With separate back tool post and cross traveling of back spindle. Exactly simultaneous machining at main spindle side and back spindle side can be achieved without need to wait with each other, reducing cycle time.
  • Cartridge type tool spindle design for cross tool T11, 13. Available for interchange with other different tool spindles, convenient for optimum tooling layout design according to the parts to be produced.
  • Guide bushing type or guide bushing-less type is selectable according to length of the parts to be produced guide bushing-less type does not require ground bar stocks, suitable for cold drawn bar machining also, reducing the remaining bar length.

Product Specification

Machining capacity
Main spindle Bar stock diameter (mm) 3-20
Max. machining length Motor direct-drive guide bushing (mm) 210
Fixed type guide bushing (mm) 250
Mechanical-drive guide bushing (mm) 80
Guide bushing-less (mm) 45
Back Max. work chucking diameter (mm) 20
Main spindle (min-1) 200-12000
Back sindle (min-1) 200-12000
Rotary guide bushing  Motor direct-drive (min-1) 200-12000
Mechanical-drive (min-1) 200-8000
Tool spindle (min-1) 200-8000
Controllable axes (including Cs axes) 8axes
Tool positions/Max. mountable tools 28/39
Main spindle (kW) 2.2/3.7 (Cont./15min)
Back spindle (kW) 1.5/2.2 (Cont./5mins)
Tool spindle   Left cross tool (kW) 0.75
Right cross tool (kW) 1.0
Back tool (kW) 0.5