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G-42HA-DET - CNC Gang Type Turning Lathe

Product Description

  • ID, OD, cross machining, off-center drilling and tapping can be efficiently accomplished in one setup.
  • The Cs-axis provides contouring functions(words and pattern engraving). The spindle accurately orientates at any angle.
  • If 4 cross live tools are required, the face live tool attachment can be removed and interchanged with a spare cross live tool ER16 collet holder
  • The cross live tool Er16 collet holder is cartridge type, and can be interchanged with 18mm shank fixed type OD tool holder.
  • Once parts machining is finished the parts catcher will deliver the parts to the parts collection box, and then can be taken out outside the machine.

Product Feature

  • 8-position servo turret
  • Pneumatically operated tailstock helps hold long workpiece firmly
  • The C-axis is equipped with a disc brake, ensuring improved stability of machining.
  • Swing control box facilitates running test

Product Specification

Controlled axes X, Y, Z, C
Bar capacity (mm) 42
Max. turning length Bar dia. X 2.5~3
Spindle collet type 173E
3-jaw chuck 6"
Tool turret 8 positions / servo controlled
X-axis travel (mm) 140
Z-axis travel (mm) 160
Y-axis travel (mm) 120
Spindle indexing 0.001°(C axis)
Spindle motor (cont./15min) 3.7/5.5kW
Max. spindle speed (rpm) 4500
Tool spindle motor 0.75kW (with Fanuc control)
1kW (with Mitsubishi control)
Live tool/collet cross:3/ER16 (Ø10mm)
face: 3/ER11 (Ø7mm)
OD tool shank 16x16mm
Max. boring bar size Ø20mm