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G-32HA-DE - CNC Gang Type Turning Lathe

Product Description

  • Specialized precision CNC lathe for component machining, ID/OD/cross/off-center end working can be done on the same single machine.
  • Cs contour axis, available for arbitrary degree spindle-locked indexing or contouring (like engraving, etc.)
  • On request, special-purpose CNC machine for screw driver manufacturing is also available.
  • Center height of OD tool can be adjusted easily.
  • Interchangeable between cross rotary ER16 collet holder & fixed OD tool holder

Product Feature

  • Left-handed cut0off tool holder
  • 2-position OD tool holder (tool shank radially mounted)
  • 3-position face live tool rest (using ER11 collet) - detachable, mounted on 4th cross live tool position
  • Starting from the lowest tool in order, totally 3 cross live tools can be changed to fixed OD tools.
  • Product catcher

Product Specification

Axis name X, Y, Z, C X, Y, Z, C X, Z
Bar capacity (mm) 25/30/32 25/30/32 25/30/32
Max. turning length Bar diameter x 3
Spindle bore (mm) 34 34 34
Collet type 161E/163E/164E
3-jaw chuck size 5 inch 5 inch 5 inch
X-axis travel (mm) 480 480 480
Z-axis travel (if collet) (mm) 95 (Between collet and cut-off tool holder)
6-position tool turret None None None
Spindle motor (rated/15min.) 2.2/3.7kW 2.2/3.7kW 2.2/3.7kW
Max. spindle speed (rpm) 6000 6000 6000
Cross spindle motor/speed (kW/rpm) 1kW/4000rpm 1kW/4000rpm None
Face live tool No.s/collet 3/ER11 None None
Cross live tool No.s 3 4 4
OD tool shank size (mm) 16x16 16x16 16x16
Fixed ID tool collet ER16 ER16 ER16
Cross live tool collet Er16 ER16 None