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GRM/GRA Series - C-Frame Single Crank Power Press (Variable Slide Stroke)

Product Description

One-piece, full-length, box type gibs assure actuated slide guiding. Force is delivered vertically, minimizing lateral thrust and, consequently, reducing off-center loading and friction in the gibs.

GRM series is designed to resist deflection, and provide accurate pressings and longer die life, even at full tonnage loads. The heavy, one-piece welded steel frame is fully stess relieved and designed to provide a stable base for the GRM series presses.

Product Specification

Capacity (ton) 80 110
Rated tonnage point (mm) 5 5
Stroke length (mm) 20~120 20~140
Strokes per minute Fixed (SPM) 60 50
Variable (SPM) 40~75 30~65
Die height (S.D.A.U.) (mm) 350~400 370~430
Slide adjustment (mm) 80 90
Bolster area (LRxFB) (mm) 1000x600 1150x680
Slide area (LRxFB) (mm) 560x460 650x520
Main motor fixed (Hpxp) 7.5x4 7.5x4 10x4 10x4
variable (Hpxp) VS 10x4 - VS 15x4 -
Slide adjusting motor (kwxp) 0.4X4 0.4x4
Die cushion Capacity (ton) 6.3 8
Pad area (mm) 410x260 500x300
Stroke (mm) 70 80
Width L.R. (mm) 1120 1240
Machine diemension Depth F.B. (mm) 2170 2277
Height H (mm) 3000 3270


Capacity (ton) 160 200
Rated tonnage point (mm) 6 6
Stroke length (mm) 20~160 20~180
Strokes per minute Fixed (SPM) 45 35
Variable (SPM) 25~50 20~45
Die height (S.D.A.U.) (mm) 440~510 450~530
Slide adjustment (mm) 100 100
Bolster area (LRxFB) (mm) 1250x760 1400x820
Slide area (LRxFB) (mm) 700x580 850x650
Main motor fixed (Hpxp) 15x4 15x4 20x4 20x4
variable (Hpxp) VS 15x4 - VS 20x4 -
Slide adjusting motor (kwxp) 0.75x4 0.75x4
Die cushion Capacity (ton) 10 14
Pad area (mm) 540x350 640x470
Stroke (mm) 80 100
Width L.R. (mm) 1360 1520
Machine diemension Depth F.B. (mm) 2680 2909.8
Height H (mm) 3645 4085